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The moment you say, “Yes, I’ll marry you” up until you say, “I do” it’s our pleasure to accommodate your every need for the big day! However you desire Alex Jean Bridal provides you with the complete opportunity to create the perfect experience while enjoying lavish amenities. You have the option to choose the best environment that suits you.

Our Bridal Packages are a great way for the Bride-to-Be to choose (1) Bridal Service or (9) Bridal Services, according to select creative desires. We provide hair artistry with impeccable skills:

Trail Style

Engagement Photos

Bridal Shower

Bachelorette Party

Rehearsal Dinner

Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Picture Touch Up

Reception Hair Styling or Touch Up


Alima Jeremy-4 Alima Jeremy-0066.jpg

Simple or Grand, Alex Jean Bridal will assist you with your ideal wedding to ensure a stunning look and a seamless experience!

We’ll work with you on your Fabulous wedding journey to ensure your event is handled expertly a unique perfect experience!  We push beyond the limits of ordinary to create extraordinary hair artistry for your fabulous wedding day!

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